Health Bread

Health Bread

Would you like your bread sliced?

Our Health bread is made on site every Wednesday and Friday (as shown on the bread schedule) by the baker who respects  the french baking tradition. It is 100% natural, WE DO NOT use any preservative, additive, sugar, butter, eggs, dairy and no artificial colour!

Ingredients:  nordic flour, rye flour, unbleached wheat flour, flax seed, sunflower seed,  salt, fresh yeast, water. 

Advice: It is a multigrain bread that is aerated which makes it very light. Very good for a healthy breakfast and salad. 

If to be conserved, please put it into a plastic bag and in the freezer 3 DAYS TOPS.

Prior to be eaten when the bread is frozen, take it out of the freezer and remove the bread from the plastic bag. Leave it 2h or so on top of the counter at room temperature. DO NOT USE THE MICROWAVE.